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Craig provided us with excellent raining at the Rifle 1 class! We were taught basics of how to operate and use our AR platform weapons, as well as properly sight and hold at various distances. The drills were fun and very challenging. I highly encourage anyone who has an AR platform weapon to take this course, it is well worth the time and money!


Incredible experience! Craig was very knowledgeable and answered ALL the questions we had, his way of teaching was simple, direct, yet very thorough and very well explained. He was extremely respectful and made me as a female feel very comfortable and helped me really gain the confidence I was looking for. I appreciated how he met each of us where we were at in the class and was able to give everyone individualized help as needed. I HIGHLY recommend Templar Defense, and cannot wait to take another class!


Craig has a method of teaching that gives you the education you need, but also the confidence to make using your firearm precise. The experience you get at the range is priceless.  I am looking forward to taking his Holster Class.  If you are thinking about taking a LTC class I can’t recommend him enough.  He is the best at what he does…… he even throws in a few jokes!


Great class! Old man with the young guns I held my own. My shots were on paper not always on the exact target but close! 😂 Craig Summers knows how to run an AR and can teach proper shooting techniques and safety!! Recommend any course taught by Craig! It was a fun/safe shoot!!


I just finished completing the Hybrid LTC course with Craig.  He is a fantastic instructor and I highly recommend this course.  You will not only learn the laws and regulations for concealed carry, you will also significantly improve your knowledge and ability to shoot as well.  I will definitely be recommending people I know, as well as personally scheduling the other courses they offer.


I took the class as a true novice. Craig is an excellent instructor.  He paid attention to each individual student and help each identifying each's area for improvement. By close to the middle of the class, you can see the improvement. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about hand guns and how to use it properly.


If you own a firearm or planning on owning one.. or for any defensive training I highly suggest/recommend you hit up Craig  at Templar Defense. They are very knowledgeable and highly professional. What's great about these guys is that, not only they go over written/verbal part but the shooting aspect where they teach proper gun grip and overall to become a better defender. I am definitely going to sign up for more of the advanced courses. Please check them out and give them a call!! You'll regret it if you don’t!


Craig is a very good instructor. If you plan to own a firearm, this is the place to go to get yourself educated & trained. I feel more comfortable handling firearms after going through his class.


Craig is an awesome instructor, he’s very knowledgeable about gun safety and the gun laws and also very patient. Many classes won’t teach how to shoot or even load a gun without paying extra and that’s why I like this class he taught a lot without requiring extra. I highly recommend Templar Defense to anyone looking to take the ltc class. Thanks Craig for being patient with me and my wife.


I already have my CHL but I wanted to improve my technique and my efficiency. I accomplished both of those goals in one session with Craig. He made sure every student felt at ease on the range and was to get one on one instruction through the course. I saw a lady go from trembling as she loaded a weapon she had never shot to hitting her target at 15 yards. Craig is empowering women by giving us the knowledge and confidence to defend ourselves and families. Thank you!!


Great class with Craig! I’ve learned a lot from YouTube University, but hands on is another level. Craig at Templar Defense focused on the basics, no fluff, just efficiency and good practice. I can’t recommend the class I had with him enough. I walked away with more confidence and search for a new holster!


Whether a new shooter or want a refresher on the fundamentals these guys are where you want to go for LTC, competency, or rid the anxiety of weapons. Craig was very quick in his responses and gave a lot of in depth information during the LTC course, and Matt brings a lot of experience to the range. As a knowledgeable and experienced shooter I’ve taken lessons home after shooting with these guys everytime!


Can’t say enough about this class. 1st-The instructor Craig was outstanding, knowledgeable, down to earth, kept things simple and was very resourceful. 2nd-The group of guys in my cohort all had a similar mindset which was to listen, follow instructions and improve their skills. 3rd- It was also an added bonus that everyone displayed exceptional safety practices throughout the entire course. I’ll most definitely be spreading the word about this class to my family, friends and colleagues..!


Craig did a great job of training on pistols.  He gave some good feedback on my grip and follow up on drawing (from a holster he didn't approve of).  Like I said, good feedback.


Templar Defense put on an incredible class. It was extremely educational and also fun. They made my girlfriend who had little shooting experience feel very comfortable. I look forward to taking more of their classes.


Craig and Co are excellent instructors, capable of teaching and coaching anyone from absolute novices to experienced shooters.


Always a pleasure, gents.


Excellent class! From registration to passing & prepped with the paperwork to file for my LTC, communication was smooth and helpful! Craig's instruction style was perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Its my First time with professional handgun class. I'm so much more comfortable and confident now...I truly can't wait to sign up for the next class.  Thanks so much for everything, it was the best.  Highly recommend!


A great class taught by a great instructor! It was very thorough, safe, and educational. We left feeling more comfortable and knowledgeable. We are already looking in to taking the next course with Craig to learn even more! Highly recommended!


BEST instructor in the LTC field!  Craig Summers is very informative, patient and funny!  If you have been searching for that just right instructor for your LTC class your search is officially over!  He can help you no matter what your skill level is.  An instructor that takes the time to make time for EVERY student!!!  All that is left to do now is to get off the fence and sign up!!!


As an inexperienced individual with little to no knowledge of a firearm, I am gratified that I took the Hybrid LTC course with Craig at Templar Defense. He is conscientious as he is humorous. This is not your average shooting class - show up and be expected to know how to properly operate a firearm etc. Craig exceeded my expectations by patiently teaching the basics of being mindful when holding a firearm, loading a magazine, properly loading and unloading a firearm, and operating it. Whether it is the Fundamental pistol course or the Hybrid LTC course you sign up for, you will certainly be appeased for signing up. I look forward to my next class at Templar Defense.


Craig is an amazing instructor. At first I was nervous, but as introduction started Craig made me feel comfortable with his passion and knowledge. It was an awesome class and fun as well.


Amazing experience and great instruction! It's been about two weeks since I did a course with Craig and I am still digesting all the knowledge he shared. Craig made it fun and really took me out of my comfort zone but at the end wish I had more ammo to shoot that day.

Can't wait for my next class with Craig and Templar Defense.


I took the Hybrid LTC course and can not recommend it enough. Craig was knowledgeable and made everyone feel comfortable. This course was one of the only times I truly felt confident in shooting and handling a pistol. Definitely take it!


Craig is an excellent instructor and demonstrated thorough knowledge of the subject. His communication is on point and authoritative as well as being total observant of everyone in the class. His diagnosis of shooter faults and advise to correct those faults was given with care and concern for the student as well as be accurate improvements. A great experience!


I have to say that Craig is by far such a great firearms instructor and practitioner. He not only knows how to teach a novice but his knowledge bank and patience make him perfect for everyone even the advanced individual. If you want to learn and continue to take your training to the next levels in the realm of firearms training, then Templar Defense is the place to be. Nuff said bub.


If any of y’all are looking for a great LTC and basic handgun class look no further....Craig is a superb instructor with a wealth of firearms knowledge. He isn’t going to just read a bunch of slides to you, he tells stories funny and serious and shares experiences that make learning enjoyable. I highly recommend Templar Defense. My family and I had a blast taking his class -Enrico P.


Very comprehensive class. I learned so much more than the standard CHL class. The instructors were knowledgeable and patient.


Excellent class. Good for first time gun handlers and someone with experience. My skills have definitely improved throughout the class and I also became more comfortable with handling a firearm. Craig will answer all the questions you have during the class and will explain all you need to know ensuring you are not nervous or have any doubts about your performance. Overall, very pleased with the experience. If you are in the market for a LTC instructor/class - you are in the right place.  Also, they are extremely fairly priced for the amount of knowledge you will be getting out of this class.


Craig is a great instructor. He is very knowledgeable in the classroom and out on the range. He taught me a lot of things I didn't know that were very important. I would definitely recommend Craig to anyone wanting to get their LTC.


My husband and I took our LTC class today and let me tell you it was a wonderful experience. We learned so much; Craig, the instructor knows his stuff! Very knowledgeable I promise you will leave class a lot smarter about guns in general. We learned all the fundamentals from laws to properly using a handgun. Craig is patient and takes the time to properly assist you on making sure you are handling your gun correctly. For anyone whom has never used a gun before and feel intimedated on taking this course, Craig will make you feel so comfortable and this is exactly what the Hybrid class is for, to learn! 100% recommend him.


My wife and I just completed their Hybrid LTC class.  Craig and Matt are outstanding instructors with deep knowledge of gun safety, self defense, and Texas LTC laws.  Their teaching style made the class very relaxed and fun.  Our class was 11 students and we all received one on one instruction as needed.  I highly recommend Templar Defense for your gun training.


Templar Defense is exceptional! Craig Summers was the instructor I had and he did an exceptional job. He made sure during the course we understood the information and weren't uncomfortable with what was happening at all times. Safety was always on his mind and constantly reminded and enforced throughout the course. Not only did we received lots of valuable information but after he kept in contact to help throughout the LTC application process. Highly recommend Templar Defense and will be signing up for other courses in the near future!


Just attended my first class with Templar Defense. Here are some observations that I hope will help others decide whether to do the same:

1. Safety focused. Their eyes were always on the shooters and they always made time to go over good practices.

2. Skills focused. These guys are observant and spent a lot of time one-on-one with each of us. They supplied practical tips and lessons that produced results. If you want to be a better shooter they are good at what they do.

3. Teacher-hearted. They are low key, low ego, funny, and full of common sense. They clearly like what they do and want people to be better shooters and better able to defend themselves.


No downsides to these guys from my first experience with them. I will put my money where my mouth is and take more instruction from them in the future.


Craig was a great instructor that led everything with excellence. Was worth every minute and every penny to feel more comfortable with a gun as well as knowing all of my options to keep me and my family safe!


The wife and I took the hybrid LTC class with Craig from Templar Defense as the instructor.  A Hybrid LTC class is basically a combination of a beginner's handguns class with live fire practice and sit down afterwards in which the instructor goes over important things regarding Laws, safety and carrying. He also goes into detail about how to pass the Texas LTC (License to carry) exam. The wife and I really enjoyed the class. 5/5 for the Hybrid LTC instruction.


Recently I scheduled a private beginner's course for my three grown kids with the same instructor and they all had a blast. Craig is a very thorough teacher and I plan on taking more classes with him.  His rates are very doable as well. 5/5 for the family private class.


Overall, the ratings for Templar Defense speak for themselves. Quality. Shop with confidence.


Craig is outstanding. Very knowledgeable and focused. Safety is always the number one priority. The hybrid LTC class will help you become a better pistol shooter, and the class will fulfill your Texas state LTC requirements. I cannot speak highly enough of the training provided by Templar Defense.


As an Airborne Infantry combat veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division, and a former police officer of 5 years with the Houston Police Department, I've had countless hours of training and exposure with a plethora of instructors. This has included but is not limited too, training scenarios and stress inoculation with a firearm as well as the basics. Due to years of exposure and training, I have to be honest and sincere when I see trainer who is good or bad. Let me tell you, Craig Summers at Templar Defense is excellent! Incredibly thorough communication and excellent articulation skills. He has a good old fashioned sincere heart and was incredibly helpful with me when we did some specific technical work on cleaning up some atrophied skills I had not worked on in awhile. I am not ashamed and actually proud to give my personal endorsement to these guys, especially Craig! Solid instructor and solid human being! And he would probably not like me saying this, but I am a man who gives credit where it is due, Craig has a wicked fast appendix carry draw. God bless these guys for what they are doing for the community and helping citizens protect themselves!


I took this course as a refresher . I already had my LTC but want to stay up on the times. Craig did an outstanding job as an instructor and making the information relatable and applicable . Making me a safer shooter . I will be returning to take more advanced weapon handling classes in the future.

Do yourself a favor and get your CHL with the best! Templar Defense.


Amazing instruction and lots of hands on training. I learned a lot and improved on the skills I have. Looking forward to the next class.


I signed up for concealed handgun license I expected for some general guidance on how to get it and whatever I needed to turn into the state what I got was a new group of friends and incredible opportunity to learn Waymore than I expected I thought I was a pretty good with my handgun prior to the course however when I left I took away new skills that absolutely improved my shooting ability Craig is an awesome instructor very patient explained the entire process and made the entire thing very simple I was actually sad when it was over I’m looking forward to signing up for part two and continuing to build my skills and knowledge and learners as much as I can from Craig great job Craig thank you for the experience


Templar Defense offers an amazing ladies only LTC course. Craig is professional and knowledgeable about firearm safety and Texas law. My comfort level has changed from being nervous and intimidated by firearms to informed, confident and I now shoot with ease. Excellent experience!


Craig was professional and informative. Having had a CHL license for several years, I thought I was prepared until I took their Fighting concealed class which I learned some valuable lessons. I would recommend Templar Defense without reservation whether you’re new to firearms ownership, getting a Texas CHL or enhancing your skills to get to the next level. I’ll be taking another class with Templar soon.

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