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 If you are looking to only learn how to use your pistol or have taken the LTC class online, Fundamental Pistol is for YOU.  Fundamental Pistol is the range portion of our Hybrid LTC.  This is only for those who want firearms training or need to show handgun proficiency after taking the LTC online.  

This IS a learn to shoot class.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!  The purpose of this course is to have the student become familiar with their handgun as well as become confident and competent in using it.  We start from the very beginning and will end up having the shooter know how to properly handle their firearms including loading, reloading and clearing their pistol as well as be able to make effective hits on target out to 15 yards.  

Topics covered are: firearms safety, weapons familiarization, sight alignment, sight picture, grip, trigger press, where to shoot and why, loading, reloading and clearing the handgun.

Class Requirements:

SEMI-AUTOMATIC Pistol in ANY Caliber. NO REVOLVERS (rental guns are available)

Minimum of 2 magazines (3 is preferred)

100 rounds of ammunition

Eye and ear protection

Fundamental Pistol: Classes
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