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The Hybrid LTC class take the requirements to apply for your Texas LTC and takes it up a notch. If you are looking for that "ok, now what" class, THIS IS IT.  This is a combination of the Texas LTC and our Fundamental Pistol class.  The half day range session focuses on the basics of safety and usage of a pistol. Select the range session you wish to attend.  An email will go out with more details about our classroom session.  This IS a learn to shoot class.  NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NEEDED!  In addition to covering the fundamentals of shooting we will go more in depth on the use of deadly force and how to apply it. We will also be doing drills all throughout the morning to help you become for confident and competent with your handgun. Range topics covered will be: Where to shoot and why, when to shoot, marksmanship fundamentals, reloads, clearing malfunctions,  common myths and misconceptions regarding handguns. The range session will wrap up with the LTC 50 round handgun qualification. After the 50 round qualification has been shot, we will administer the state test which consists of 25 multiple choice questions. You will start to see towards the end of the class how everything ties together and you will walk away with a new skill, more educated,  confident,  and have the paperwork necessary to get your LTC. Please join me in taking responsibility for your own protection.


What to Bring:  A Reliable Semi-Automatic Pistol (NO REVOLVERS) that you plan on carrying. (rental pistols are available if needed).  To rent a pistol, look for the box and select "Handgun Rental"


100 rounds of pistol ammo.  Ammunition is available for purchase.  Please select the caliber needed during checkout


Eye and Ear Protection


Seasonably Appropriate Attire


Close Toed Shoes


Ladies, NO low cut shirts.  We want to protect ourselves from falling brass


Water and Snacks


Baseball Hat


Rain Gear...We shoot rain or shine


LTC Application Process:


LTC Pistol Qualification:


Handgun Shooting Basics:

Hybrid LTC: Classes
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