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Rifle 1

Rifle 1 is a skills and marksmanship class focused around the AR-15 style rifle but can be adapted to any magazine fed semi-automatic rifle; ex. AR, AK, FAL, G3, M1A


At the conclusion of the class students will gain a much better understanding of their rifle's capabilities and gain increased confidence in their ability to work and shoot said rifle at various distances.

TLDR:  Do you have a rifle that you have taken to the range but are sick of just punching holes and think "there has to be more to it than this"?  This is THAT Class


Students need to come to class with a rifle that is zero'd with either iron sights or other optic.  This is NOT the class take if you are pulling your rifle out of the box for the first time and need to set everything up.  


Your Zero Doesnt need to be perfect but you need to be within an 8" circle at 25 yards.  Wallis Orchard Range has rifle ranges that will allow you to zero your gun.  We recommend a 50 yard zero.


Topics Covered Are:

Safe operation of your firearm

Rifle & gear setup

Rifle Zero, trajectory and mechanical offset

Shooting Positions (prone, standing & kneeling)

Sling Management

Reloads and Malfunction Clearing Techniques

Hybrid LTC: Classes
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