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If you are looking to only learn how to use your pistol or have taken the LTC class online, Fundamental Pistol is for YOU.  Fundamental Pistol is the range portion of our Hybrid LTC.  This is only for those who want firearms training or need to show handgun proficiency after taking the LTC online.


Rifle 1

($100)  4hrs

Rifle 1 is a 4 hour skills and marksmanship class focused around the AR-15 style rifle but can be adapted to any magazine fed semi-automatic rifle; ex. AR, AK, FAL, G3, M1A

At the conclusion of the class students will gain a much better understanding of their rifle's capabilities and gain increased confidence in their ability to defensively manipulate their rifle.

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Classes: Classes

($100)  4hrs

This is the class to take after you have gotten your LTC.  CC1 is a 4 hour class are designed to teach the most important aspects of concealed carry:  Drawing from concealment and getting quick first round acceptable hits, clearing malfunctions and keeping your gun loaded!  

Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 8.44.41 PM.png

The Hybrid LTC class take the requirements to apply for your Texas LTC and takes it up a notch. If you are looking for that "ok, now what" class, THIS IS IT.  This is a 6-7 hour class to get your Carry License.. but with added firearms training.  This IS a learn to shoot class.  No Experience Necessary

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