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I am a beginner and have no experience.  What class should I take first?

Our Fundamental Pistol or Hybrid LTC. Both classes are designed with the new shooter in mind.  The range session for both classes is the same.  The only difference is the Hybrid LTC has a 2-1/2 hour classroom session that covers the required information to get your handgun license.  If you have taken the LTC online, our Fundamental Pistol class is the one you need to sign up for to meet the range and shooting requirements.

Can You Do Private Group Classes?

Yes!  We are mobile in our operations and can set up a class anywhere we can shoot safely.  This can either be at a place of your choosing or we can utilize our main range in Wallis (West of Katy).  Please contact us at to set up a date.  There is a minimum of 5 people needed to do a private class

I dont have a handgun, can I still take a class?

Of Course!  We have rental pistols available.  Come test drive one of our handguns first before you go out and buy one.  Select "handgun rental" when you check out.

What should I bring to class?

Go to our "Classes" tab and select the appropriate class.  It will tell you exactly what you need to bring.

Where are your classes held?

Wallis Orchard (Primary Range) .  An email will go out several days before class that will have all the details.  

How do I contact you?

Email is the best way.  We typically respond very quickly.

What makes your classes different that everyone else?

First and foremost we are teachers who love what we do.  Your standard LTC class offers little to no firearms training.  You are expected to show up and qualify with little to no instruction.  Most classes are essentially supervised drills where the "Instructor" checks off boxes.    We want to teach the "why" behind everything we do.  We are outcome based meaning that we want to see our students succeed and understand the principles and skills we are teaching them.  With regards to our qualifications, our instructors have multiple Instructor Certifications and hundreds of hours of certifiable training on top of that.  If you are still in doubt, go read our google reviews or ask a student who has trained with us.

What classes should I take after I have my LTC?

The next class to take after you have your carry license or a basic understanding of how to shoot and operate is pistol is our Concealed Carry 1 Class.  This class focuses on the most critical hard skill a concealed carry needs, to quickly and effectively draw and achieve an acceptable first round hit on their target.  There is an emphasis on efficiency as it relates to body mechanics.  There are also accuracy and time standards that we push the students to achieve.  YOU MUST have a firm grasp of shooting fundamentals to take this class.  You should already know how to safety handle and accurately shoot your firearm.  If you are unsure, I recommend taking Fundamental Pistol again to brush up on your skills

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