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Templar Defense is a Houston based provider of firearms safety, education and training. We believe the right to self preservation and self defense is a fundamental human right given to us by our creator that is recognized and conferred by the Second Amendment. Our classes are available to anyone regardless of ability, experience, background, age, gender or race. We pride ourselves on professionalism and quality training. We are first and foremost teachers who have a passion for quality and safe self defense training!  We are NOT a "Tactical" training company.  Our focus is teaching the fundamentals of shooting as best as possible


Craig Summers

Craig has a background in martial arts as well as being a Rangemaster, NRA and DPS certified instructor.  Craig has also attended Scott Jedlinski's  (Modern Samurai Project) Red Dot Pistol Instructor Course.  His desire is to educate and empower students to be as effective as they can with a rifle or handgun.  Some of the people he has trained with include: Ray “Cash” Care, Scott Jedlinski, Tom Givens, Bill Blowers, Ben DeWalt, Dan Brokos, Tactical Response, Green-Ops, John Johnston and Robert Vogel.  Craig has over 400 hours of certifiable firearms instruction and is a Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt under Jeff Messina.  He previously trained Muay Thai for several years under Mark “The Hyena” Beecher



Matt N. (Assistant Instructor)

Matt has 15 years active Law Enforcement experience and 4 years in the Executive protection / Private security field. During his service as a Law Enforcement officer he spent 6 years assigned to a SWAT unit and holds Instructor certifications in multiple disciplines. Matt is certified through the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement as a firearms instructor and has been teaching Officers and civilians for over 9 years.

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