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Handgun Essentials a class that EVERY firearms owner should take.  This is the perfect starter course for firearms owners as well as a great refresher course for those with a LTC or Carry Permit and wish to brush up on their shooting skills and updated laws and regulations.  We cover shooting and safety from the ground up.  Regardless of your experience you WILL walk away a better shooter.  In addition to the safe handling and operation of a handgun, we cover topics such as:  Grip, how to use your sights, where to shoot and why, legal requirements for the use of deadly force, prohibited and regulated places regarding carrying a firearm.

Since this isnt the Texas LTC class, we dont have to abide by their class requirements.  This allows us to cover more range topics and focus more on shooting than state permit courses.

This is a 4 hour course spent on the range focusing on making you a more competent shooter.

This is NOT a LTC Class!!!

When you sign up, you will be sent a link to our YouTube video that discusses in depth more on prohibited places, signage and updated laws regarding carrying a firearm.

What to bring:

Semi-automatic Pistol

Minimum of 2 magazines

150 rounds of ammunition

Eye Protection

Ear Protection

Baseball Hat



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